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Blue Blood Nut!

In other on October 22, 2004 at 12:25 pm

“You fucking wanker! Why are you fucking doing this!? Why don’t you just leave me alone?!”

Prince Harry attempts to appear of some use
Prince Harry attempts to appear of some use.

In indolent pothead news:

After a heavy night on the piss, swilling Long Island iced tea with peach juice, loutish young royal, Prince Harry, went the thump on fellow waste of space, paparazzi Chris Uncle. Actually, he just shoved the camera back in this arsehole’s face after having it shoved in his, expressed his feelings as honestly as he could (see above), then went home.

The part I liked most was the Dr. Strangelove-like comment from ‘an ex-SAS officer’: “Punching people in the street is not the sort of thing you expect from a prospective British army officer.” Well then, I’m looking forward to His Royal Highness pulling up his socks for his next engagement with the Gentlemen of the Press, when he responds with a volley of well-aimed hand grenades, picks off the fleeing survivors with disciplined machine-gun fire, then single-mindedly stalks The Night with a bloodied strand of piano wire, hunting down their superior officers one by one.

He’ll be doin’ his Nation and his Mamma proud.


Cheap-shot just in: the Mirror article linked to above says: “The car finally sped away, with Harry burying his head in his knees”. Probably sneaking a bucket bong.

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