SF Lyons

stop press: hairy musician uses swear word

In lesser arts, politics on October 23, 2004 at 12:24 pm

This is John Butler.
john butler guitar

John and two friends play bland but likeable “rootsy” rock ‘n’ roll music, with social messages sometimes included in the lyrics of their songs. John appeared on the Earth 29 years ago.

This is Andrew Bolt.
bolt scotch college

Andrew gets paid a lot of money to write down his opinions, which are then published – three times each week – in the Melbourne Herald Sun newspaper. Andrew always has a social message: Muslims and Aborigines are destroying civilisation by asking for respect from white people. Communists are destroying it by trying to protect the natural environment and by helping the Muslims and Aborigines.

Andrew has appeared on the Earth again and again since the dawn of Time: recoiling in terror as the other amoebae mutated into multi-celled forms; screeching from the trees with fearful bravado at Those With Thumbs; peeking out from behind the Inquisitor’s skirt and clucking his tongue at witches’ confessions. In this life he has not yet reached the age of 45 years.

John has recently won some prizes for being good at music. Andrew thinks John is a violent Communist. Andrew is a fucking moron.

to be continued…

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