SF Lyons

more than just “good”

In me, other on April 16, 2006 at 3:43 pm

During an email conversation to arrange Good Friday evening’s entertainment I mentioned to my friend that I was working in the bottleshop that day. She expressed her concern and suspicion that my employers weren’t God-fearing Christians. I pointed out that Easter is actually the most alcoholic of holidays: On Friday Jesus got hammered, Saturday he spent all day dead. Then he came back to life on Sunday but had to take Monday off as well. And even after that some of his friends weren’t quite sure if he was really there.

I thought this gag was really kind of obvious but she insisted I post it on my blog. Put something, anything, on my blog. So, there you go.

(Actually, I reckon J-Naz and the D12 had had a big Thursday as well. I mean they got picked up by the cops when they crashed in someone’s garden after a “supper”, and the main thing everyone remembered afterwards was drinking wine.)


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